Stone Information

Care and Maintenance of Stone

DAILY CLEANING: We recommend Ivory Dish Soap only because it is made without animal fats and free of dies. Many other brands contain fats, dyes, and scents which will damage the stone, including Dove, Dawn and Antibacterial soaps. We suggest never using Windex on Granite, no matter what other people say, the ammonia reacts differently to different stones and can cause permanent streaking. Avoid using detergents that can be abrasive and contain chemicals high in acid or alkaline. Some stone cleaners have a petroleum or animal fat base which may alter the appearance of your stone, so be cautious when choosing products to use. They can darken the stone and leave a residue, which in time can build up and turn lighter stones yellow.

Recommended SEALING PROCEDURE is as follows: sparingly spread liquid sealer over tops with lint free clean cloth, let penetrate into stone for at least 5 minutes or until sealer has soaked into the stone, repeat procedure until film or haze appears on granite, buff haze off with #0000 Steel Wool. Do water test, if it doesn’t bead up, repeat above procedure.

We also carry various cleaning agents from Aqua Mix.