Mutina Phenomenon

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Phenomenon is a ceramic project able to express textures deriving from nature in an original way, not simply to reproduce their look but to evoke an emotion.  The collection integrates almost microscopic substances into the ceramic material, creating a visual effect of depth and breadth on the surface.  The collection makes references to different expressions of natural patterns such as honeycombs, snowflakes, needle ice, plant cells, evoking memories of natural scenes and individual experiences of the natural world.

The distinctive “powdery” effect is obtained by combining colored bodies and dry coloring.  This process makes it possible to develop a product in unglazed full-body porcelain stoneware which is characterized by a particular natural and tactile look and feel.  In addition, the use of personalized mixtures allows for the creation of unique and original shades.

Phenomenon is a craft product: each element is pressed int he smallest possible size and precisely refined by hand to create a mix of technique and innovation, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Available in 10″x12″ sheets.

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