Bits Pewter Smoke

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PIEMME Bits The art of decoration of ancient Rome, of the opus incertum and lapis porphyrites, are reinterpreted according to contemporary technologies, maintaining intact the charm of reuse exalted in industrial mass production. Besides this however, Gordon Guillaumier shifts attention from really fake to fake reality: in a declaration of intents that authenticates the entire intellectual journey of the project. Replacing a marble tozzetto tile with a slit of wood is a clever graphic operation: besides going against the grain, with respect to the norm, it is also a successful attempt to reproduce the wood effect with ceramics. In this case, wood becomes texture, which by assonance, replaces the marble of a terrazzo flooring, becoming an intrusive pattern on a base of concrete, grit and stone: and it is precisely this intrusion which reveals the richness of the Bits project, which in the Quad and Facet versions, presents different but historically impossible graphic theories. Until today at least.

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