Our History

Company History

In the 1950’s, with the advent of ceramic tile thin-set and ceramic tile mastics, Bob McCabe, working for his father and anticipating the popularity of ceramic tile and easier installation methods, decided to begin wholesaling ceramic tile. He began in the Lincoln, Nebraska market under the name of Midwest Tile Supply. By 1972 Bob doubled the company's size by opening a wholesale warehouse in Omaha, Nebraska. With only one real competitor in the Omaha market things went well, so by 1982 Bob opened another location in Des Moines, Iowa.

However, with the popularity of ceramic tile growing, competitors soon followed. By 1990 there were many competitors in the Omaha and Des Moines markets. Bob had since sold the business to two of his four sons: John and Pat. They decided the proper action was to diversify the existing product lines by adding marble and granite tile and slabs to their inventories. As luck would have it, at about the same time the demand for marble and granite began to pick up, especially in the midwest.

Things went well for the brothers, mostly through hard work, luck and a little prayer, and by 1996 Pat and John were inviting their younger brother Paul to open a location in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The northern plains proved to be a good move and in 1998 the brothers opened another warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With five locations and a growing reputation for a broad inventory, quality material, and fair pricing, in 2001 the company, now Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite, Inc., accepted an opportunity to open a location in Houston, Texas.

Hard work, luck, prayer, good business fundamentals and a growing reputation now afforded the Company to recruit a fourth brother, Joe, to the business. In 2003 another location was opened in Austin, Texas. In 2004 the Company continued its growth moving to St. Louis, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 2005 the company opened a tenth warehouse in Bentonville, Arkansas. It further expanded in 2007 and 2008 with openings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Denver, Colorado.

From 2009 to 2011 the national economy suffered a downturn and the market for natural stone and ceramic tile was not immune to it. However, the Company used this downturn as an opportunity to compliment its product lines and improve its efficiency and customer service. In 2011 the Company, under the name of Fat Cat Trucking, began dedicated trucking service between locations to provide better service to customers.

In 2012, after many years of planning and construction, the Company formally opened its exclusive granite processing, storage, and shipping facility in South Central Brazil.

Now, with many U.S. locations, an expanding customer base with clients in over 28 states, a fully diversified inventory, vertically integrated supply and transportation chain, and good vendor relations around the world, Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite, Inc. is in a strong position to compete in its markets for years to come.