AGGRANITE, AG-GRA-NITE kitchen sinks and Midwest Tile

August 22, 2013
AGGRANITE, AG-GRA-NITE  kitchen sinks and Midwest Tile

Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite is happy to anouce AGGRANITE granite sink company has been in the market since 2004 as the world’s first manufacturer to put antibacterial properties into our materials. Since the very beginning, our products have been at the cutting edge of technology and a good step ahead of the competition for the most part. As innovators and innovation drivers, we aspire to continually advance and optimise our technologies. proHygienic 21, the new AGGRANITE  hygiene standard for the 21st century, gives us one more way to meet this aspiration to the full.

proHygienic 21 allows you and your family to enjoy a natural kitchen environment that’s hostile to bacteria, ensuring optimum hygiene and safety while you work. Fresh fish, meat or vegetables can be prepared safely on AGGRANITE  surfaces with proHygienic 21. The patented surface and its hygienic properties have been tested and certified by Germany’s LGA.  

The improved surface structure and the AGGRANITE  dirt-repellent effect ensure that dirt and bacteria are simply washed away with water, preventing germs from being able to settle on the surface and spread. And the best thing about it? The new technology was developed on a purely natural basis and is completely free of chemical additives, contains no silver ions and has no expiry date.

proHygienic 21 pose no health risks whatsoever. This gives us a further substantial advantage over our competitors.

And another advantage for you: All AG-GRA-NITE Kitchen sinks in CRISTALITE® PLUS and CRISTADUR® will be equipped with proHygienic 21, unlike the situation with Antibac.

Such a significant enhancement of our technology inevitably needs to be reflected in our marketing. We are going to replace the Antibac label with the proHygienic 21 logo as soon as the changeover in production has taken place. We will be changing over from Antibac to proHygienic 21 before the EU regulation comes into force.
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