• Ledger Panels/Stacked Stone

    November 14 2013

    Midwest Tile, Granite & Marble offers a large variety of Ledger Panels/Stacked Stones.

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  • Sant'Agostino ~ S. Wood

    November 8 2013


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  • Custom Mosaic Tiles

    October 31 2013

    Midwest Tile & Marble will design any custom mosaic tiles for both residential or commercial. Check out this recent 901 Tequilla Custom Tile.

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  • Granite Dog Feeders

    October 1 2013

    Midwest Granite announces the release of Granite Dog Feeders.  Currently featured in two colors: Uba Tuba and Atlantis Black. Midwest Granite presented these Dog Feeders at the Wildwood BBQ bash this past weekend. Call (314)995-9774 to purchase one today!

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  • Questions about Granite

    September 24 2013

    What about staining and sealing?

    While not all granites have the same physical characteristics, most granites have naturally low moisture absorption rates. Therefore, staining of your granite top, especially when highly polished, is normally not an issue.  With that said, it is a common practice by fabricators to apply a sealant to the countertop for added security and "just-n-case" protection to your investment.  Future applications of sealant, given homeowners choose to do so, will take only a cotton cloth and a few minutes worth of time.

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